Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an appointment?more

You need to be referred by either a GP or another health professional. Your GP practice will be able to refer you to us using the NHS electronic referral system 'Choose and Book'.

How soon will I be seen?more

The service aims to see patients within 2-3 weeks. In urgent cases, GPs can contact the service to make special arrangements for patients to be seen more urgently.

Who will I be consulting?more

You will be seen by a doctor with specific skills in diagnosing and treating skin conditions. The clinician team is lead by Dr Maria Martin, a GP with a Special Interest in Dermatology (GPWSI). She is joined by Dr Nick Howlett, and Dr Jen Smith, also GPWSI's.

GPWSI have specific expertise to manage and treat common skin disorders. They are supported by their consultant colleague to manage patients with more complex or more severe skin conditions.

How long will my appointment last?more

Most appointments take 10-15 minutes but sometimes it can take longer.

What about skin operations?more

If you are advised to have a biopsy or the removal of a skin lesion the appointment will last longer.

These small procedures are usually done during the clinic. Depending on how many patients need procedures on the day you may be asked to wait or to return later during the clinic for the procedure.

Skin procedures are done under local anaesthetic and will not affect your ability to drive.

Skin procedures are done either by Dave Clarke, a Nurse Practitioner with specific training in skin procedures or by one of the dermatology doctors.

If you require a more complex procedure to remove a skin lesion from delicate areas like the face you we will be referred to a skin surgeon with more expert skills in skin surgery.

Do you treat warts?more

Warts are a harmless skin infection that usually goes away spontaneously. Specialist treatments for warts like cryotherapy (cold trauma with liquid nitrogen spray) are often painful and have not been shown to be more effective than wart treatments you can get from your pharmacist. For this reason the NHS advises that warts are not treated in dermatology services.

How do I cancel or change my appointment?more

Please contact the service by telephone on 01539 718080 to rearrange your appointment.